PeeWee Division

Coaching Staff :Andre Cornick, Lloyd Pinksen, Todd Stark


Hi Everyone,

First of all, the coaching staff would like to thank all the players for their hard work and patience leading up to this point. As most of you realize, we did not want to name a team until we had an option for our remaining Pee Wee players that are interested in playing additional hockey. For those of you that attended our recent meeting, you were made aware that Corner Brook Minor Hockey had 3 players available to us, however, those players declined an invitation to join our team.

Another option discussed briefly at the meeting was a potential affiliation with Baie Verte’s Pee Wee Group. A parent from Baie Verte’s Pee Wee group has contacted us with 5 players interested in playing with our association. With that, we have planned 2 practice sessions for Saturday, November 29th in Deer Lake for our remaining players and the players from Baie Verte. We believe this is a good alternative for the players, and we are encouraging any parent(s) to volunteer for coaching/trainer positions. Neither details have been discussed nor commitments been made, but the Baie Verte parent indicated that they would be interested in joining a league based on the West Coast. This opportunity, coupled with our house league games, will provide lots of hockey for our players.
Again, we want to thank all players who participated in the tryout process, and the following players have been chosen for the DLMHA’s Pee Wee A team:
Applin, Donovan
Baker, Austin
Campbell, Kyle
Campbell, Kyle T.
Carroll, Josh
Cornick, Luke
Costello, Cameron
Dicks, Elliott
Ethan, Stark
Fitzgerald, Ryan
Foster, Marcus
Gillard, Sara
Laite, Darien
Park, Jonathon
Pinksen, Kyle
Pittman, Cody
Reid, Nicholas