Bantam Division

Head Coach:




Please see the schedule below for this coming weekend.

Rules are simply:

  1. 2 – 20 minutes run time periods. Last 2 minutes of game will be stop time if the goal differential is 2 or less.
  2. Players will be required to change on the fly.
  3. Championship game will be between the two teams with the best round robin records. HNL tie breaking procedures will apply.
1Deer Lake 15Stephenville 
2Corner Brook 16Port Aux Basques
3Deer Lake 27Straits
4Corner Brook 2
SaturdayDecember 6
18:00 Deer Lake 1vsCorner Brook 1
29:00 Deer Lake 2vsCorner Brook 2
310:00 Stephenville vsPort Aux Basques
411:00 StraitsvsDeer Lake 2
512:00 Deer Lake 1vsCorner Brook 2
61:00 Corner Brook 1vsStraits
72:00 Port Aux BasquesvsDeer Lake 2
83:00 Stephenville vsCorner Brook 1
94:00 Deer Lake 1vsStraits
105:00 Corner Brook 2vsPort Aux Basques
Sunday, December 7
118:30 Stephenville vsStraits
1210:00 Championship Game

See you all on the weekend.


Team 1Team 2

Johnny Anderson

Jeff Walsh

Jolena Gillard

Colton Bishop

Cody Reid

Brett Langdon

Logon Ropson

Brady Cassell

Tristen Nichols

Drew Cornick

Jack Langdon

Noah Burden

Cameron Blanchard

Jenna Pearce

Keegan Deering

Emma Reid

Drew Langdon

Brett Urquhart

Michael Maher

Cameron Laffitte

Joshua Shears

Cameron Ball

Chris Pinksen

Joshua Slade

Kirkland Anstey

Ryan Mcfarlane

Jennifer Guy

Noah Legge

Jordan Best

Kirkland Young

The coaching staff and organizers of the Bantam division would like to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts in the Allstar tryouts this past weekend. Each and every player showed hard worked which made this selection process very difficult. Please see the 2014-2015 Bantam Allstar team listed below. Thank you for your efforts.

Johnny Anderson
Kirkland Anstey
Cameron Ball
Jordan Best
Mason Campbell
Drew Cornick
Jolena Gillard
Brett Langdon
Drew Langdon
Cameron Lafitte
Noah Legge
Micheal Maher
Chris Pinksen
Josh Slade
Brett Urghart
Jeff Walsh
Kirklin Young